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Pale Russians are Torbjörn Hanö and Ulf Lindberg from Lund, Sweden. A net-based, absolutely DIY project by two renegades whose shared CV includes local gigs under different band names and goes more than 20 years back. (Once we appeared at the Association of the Deaf. “Too loud,” they thought).

We believe in three-minute novels and would feel honoured if you hear echoes of Ian Hunter, the Velvet Underground, Kinks, Joy Division, Jesus & Mary Chain, Posies, Jimmy Eat World, Teenage Fanclub and even Tom Waits in our output.

The name Pale Russians popped up in reaction to a photo of Kaiser Putin (since then he’s obviously started working up a tan). Then we learned that “pale Russians” once were Jews who could only settle on Russian soil behind a palisade ( We sort of like the contradiction.

13 by Pale Russians

Heartache, wrath and power chords... read more 

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Work in Progress (Unfinished Business)

Due to bad fortune we will for the time being
present unfinished songs here
New! Bad Feeling

Completed songs

Kings and Presidents
Follow the Herd
Anyone Can Tell
Ignorance Is a Bliss
You'll Walk Alone
A Better Place
Special Tease
The Golden Age
How Do You Sleep?
The Messenger
Angel in Disguise
Beautiful (Rock version)
Beautiful (Pop version)

Alien's Gone
Be My Boat
Ball and Chain
A Lonelier Place
Alternate version You Will See
World's a Stage
This Must Be the End
Chinese Crackers
Look at Me
Under a Perfect Moon
Save the Day
Different Kind of Light
Ghost of Me
White City Angel
Lost and Found
Fool's Paradise
Nuclear Family
You Tonight
The Lie (the Whole Lie and Nothing But the Lie)
CB Said
Read'em and Weep
Old Nikes
Fill My Future
Black Rain
What Matters
Derelict House
The Sickbed of Coatlicue
My Friend Johnny
Fortunate Ones
I Can't Trust Myself
Drunk by Proxy
Red Letter Day
Blue Steel
Reflections of '34
Halcyon Days
Step into the Light
Imploding in Silence
Messed Up Kid
Running Out of Time
Cry Wolf
Nuff is Enuff
Couldn't Care Less
(Don't Get) Excited
Cool Cool Waters
Go Figure it Out
Ordinary Man
Learn to Forget
Telling Lies
Runner on the Highway
I Want to Hold You (Forever in Contempt)
All the Rage
Wandering Star
$60 Face
Close Your Eyes
Tell It Like It Is

Aren't We All
Suddenly Zoe
Plaster Caster Men
Bad Moon
Need No Angels
Samples from the new album "13"

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